Leader of blackpink - Who is the maknae line of Blackpink?

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Here's the Reason Why BLACKPINK Doesn't Have a Leader

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What are the ages of the BLACKPINK members in 2021?

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Rumor Has It That YG Entertainment Will Reveal BLACKPINK's Leader On Their Comeback

Blackpink is a group who is trying to appease the western market.

  • Blinks do not get to hear how good Jisoo vocals are because of the lines she lack.

  • This is most likely because you used a trigger word that is not permitted here on.

  • The star recently dyed her black hair a fiery red - looking good gurl! They have their own roles as well.

Why doesn’t BLACKPINK have a leader: disorganized fandom comes from here?


  • The tour was initially set for six shows throughout Osaka, and , but an additional show in Chiba was added due to overwhelming demand.

  • Jisoo would be a very chill leader, someone the girls would mess with it but ultimately respect her authority as the leader.

  • Allkpop Even though many people thought that Jennie is the leader, it turns out that they have no leader.

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