Spnb sarawak - Act 118 to be amended to help buyers of abandoned projects: Zuraida

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Sarawak spnb Act 118

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Sarawak spnb SPNB

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Permohonan Rumah Mesra Rakyat Secara Online 2020 (SPNB)

RMR scheme to continue in Sarawak

Berumur 18 tahun hingga 65.

  • This program was designed to assist lower income earners especially fishermen to build house on their own land.

  • The ministry, she said, would also set up a fund where housing developers are required to allocate a certain amount into the fund before they can develop a housing project.

  • Tawaran permohonan lot tanah kediaman di skim penempatan semula rampangi, kuching tawaran adalah dibuka kepada warganegara malaysia yang bermastautin di.

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