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  • Dare you miss Peele's third big-screen offering? When he gets two days' leave and tries to find a way out of that debt, a small act of dishonesty spirals out of control, and the glare of social media enhances his problems.

  • Instead, Sonic voiced by Ben Schwartz teams up with a new sidekick called Tails for a Scooby-and-Scrappy-style double act.

  • In Jane is set to become Thor's female counterpart.

The 51 Best Movies on Amazon Prime (April 2022)

They head overseas on a covert mission commanded by a fellow veteran Kiefer Sutherland.

  • Previously out this month is Netflix's big new reality hit The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On, which gave people who aren't ready for marriage enough pressure and the potential for clout to get married, and Barack Obama's Our Great National Parks, in which the former president takes you around the world's greatest nature reserves.

  • The movie stars Nikki DeLoach and Andrew Walker.

  • The Tragedy of MacBeth Jan.