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Wheein mamamoo MAMAMOO Member

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Wheein mamamoo Wheein

Wheein mamamoo Mamamoo: Profile,

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  • Two members, Moonbyul and Solar, renewed their contract in January.

  • I think it is highly likely she will sign with another company and if she is tired part of that contract will be reduced output.

  • The album contained three previously released collaborations and four new songs.

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We will officially announce the decision when it is finalised.

  • Do you have a Wheein or Solar in your life? I don't know if there are korean labels better for her right now, maybe an international one? In August 2019, Mamamoo was announced to be joining reality-competition show as one of six teams.

  • How do you feel knowing that you're not only inspiring young women across the world, but you're also inspiring a new generation of female idols? Mamamoo Official Japanese Website in Japanese.

  • Wheein: We get a lot of love and support as individual members, but as a group, we get a lot of love as well, so I think that was something we wanted to keep.