Titanic scene - 'Titanic' Fans Have Just Realized There's an Alternate Ending—Which Changes the Entire Film

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Dream scene

The crew of the ship listens to Rose's story with great attention as she narrates her forbidden love affair with Jack aboard the Titanic.

  • Would they not have been much more comfortable in Rose's room, where the intercourse would've taken less time than however long it took for Jack to draw her? But why did Jack not clamber onto the pretty wide panel of wood and lie next to Rose, out of the water? More than 20 years have passed since became a box office sensation, and after all that time, there's still one scene that makes cringe just thinking about it.

  • Jack and Roses sweaty sexy car scene that handprint am I right might have set our standards pretty high for what lovemakin is really like but hey we cant all be on a doomed.

  • And suddenly, 60 Titanic crew members were all out of control, with no idea why their minds were melting into their shoes.

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