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With a detachable shoulder strap and 4 pockets 1 slip pocket, 3 inner pockets , the Furla Linda Satchel bangs on practicality whilst not losing out on style.

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  • White shirt, skinny light blue denim jeans and this bag? Setiap wanita pasti mahu menjadi tarikan sama ada menerusi keyakinan, personaliti, gaya pemakaian dan fesyen semasa.

  • They have a wide network of more than 1600 sales points all over the world.

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This leather satchel bag comes with a double handle and an adjustable leather strap.

  • Finally, pamper yourself with an assortment of skin care products tailored for you.

  • Furla Polaris Tote If you want more space to carry all your necessities in one bag, then a Furla Polaris Tote would certainly make the cut.

  • The Allegra can be seen as a sister bag to the Linda due to their many similarities.

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