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Private Dining

The road side taufu fah even more tastier than this restaurant.

  • Stepping on a small puddle of what appears to be water or grease will emit noise, waking the cat and starting a chase.

  • All their dishes was bland and not to the standard of a good reputable restaurant.

  • Reviewing their dim sum Stir fried carrot cake - really good carrot cake, flavour is very well balanced with a good combination of savoury, spicy and umami.

Excellent Chinese Restaurant in Mississauga with Halal and Thai food

The Ming Room BSC COVID-19 Exposure : Official Statement Here is the by The Ming Room on the COVID-19 exposure at their Bangsar Shopping Centre outlet.

  • I usually omit char siew bao and go for the puff version instead.

  • Also, although the restaurant was super busy, the toilets were very clean.

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