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'What If...?' Voice Cast: Meet the Stars of Episode 3—Including a New Iron Man

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Why he hates humanity and is seeking to destroy it is unknown.

  • The mysterious magician forces Geralt to do his bidding so he can get his hands on Olgierd's soul.

  • As a character, Shepard can be customised heavily by the player.

  • Zehra Fazal Amara Indeed, there has been some notable controversy surrounding the , which has included name-calling and accusations of assault.

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He also voiced Peter Parker in Ultimate Spider-Man.

  • Unlike the Vampire, Greenough is also in the base game as the voice of Ge'els.

  • As the leader of the Wild Hunt, Eredin spends the entire game tracking down the elusive Ciri.

  • Both versions of Shepard feature the extraordinarily talented voice actors Mark Meer and Jennifer Hale Although I think FemShep is a rad title for Female Shepard, just my opinion.

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