Yujin - Yujin Izakaya

Yujin Yujin (IVE)

Yujin Yujin (CLC)

Yujin T

Yujin Choi Yu

Yujin Yujin Izakaya

Yujin Choi Yu

Yujin Yujin Hoshida,

Yujin Yujin Amy

Yujin Yun Jin

Yujin (Kep1er & CLC) Profile and Facts (Updated!)

Yujin Yujin Amy

Ahn Yu Jin (안유진)

In June 2021, Yujin joined the survival show as one of the program's 33 Korean contestants.

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  • The disputes arose in connection with a sale and purchase agreement and a joint operating agreement; one was governed by English law and the other by Sudan law.

  • As a result, you can always find fans of Yun Jin trying their luck at Heyu Tea House.

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