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2022 Proton X70 Price, Reviews and Ratings by Car Experts

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价钱 proton x70 Proton X70

价钱 proton x70 10 Things

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价钱 proton x70 New Cars

2022 Proton X70 MC 或今年内发布,改用 1.5L 三缸 Turbo 引擎,外形内装更高级!

价钱 proton x70 Proton x70,原型车中国问题一萝萝买了后悔?

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2022 Proton X90 could be priced cheaper than expected, but not necessarily in a good way

The former offers an electric driving range of 56 km, while the latter offers 80 km of range.

  • Despite all of their efforts, the X70 is not perfect and has some minor shortcomings.

  • With that said, owners of the X70 only need to replace the transmission fluid at every 60,000 km interval, while CR-V owners need to replace their CVT fluid at every 40,000 km interval.

  • If you need an affordable and stylish car that is good for everyday drives offering a good driving experience, then this hatch will offer value for every penny you invest.