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Eyes Wide Shut UNRATED [1999] 1/4 video

Originally Harvey Keitel was cast as Ziegler but conflicting commitments saw the unmistakably Jewish Sydney Pollack get the part.

  • Each of them is perfect, in its own way.

  • His dramatic unmasking at the ball indicates this.

  • If published, the daydream takes such forms as novels, nonfiction, plays, films, music, or paintings.

Stanley Kubrick’s Eyes Wide Shut Orgy Featured Cate Blanchett

Look at and just pick any item and read it.

  • While the evening begins with him making an innocent house call to an elderly patient, the night eventually culminates with him crashing an elite underground secret society sex party where everyone's face is hidden behind an ornate Venetian style masquerade mask.

  • Once fidelity is violated, it can never be restored.

  • But who left it there? These insane delinquents were eventually taken care of by law enforcement and their life span could be defined as ephemeral.

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