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Meal malaysia bts McDonalds BTS

McDonald's X BTS Introduces BTS Meal To Malaysia On 26th May

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Sure, some might argue the novelty of the two sauces included, but such things pale in comparison to how the world's biggest fast food chain essentially managed to take one of their simplest menu items and transform it into an instant cash cow, all with nothing more than a brand deal and some tweaks to existing cardboard and paper packaging.

  • People like you and I lap all of it up almost willingly, in spite of all the negatives we like to hurl at money-spinning conglomerates who only care about the bottom line and nothing else.

  • If you're coming from the roundabout, it will be on your right.

  • By late June, the meal had been released in fifty countries.

McD's BTS Meal is a marketing onslaught where everyone's a willing victim

Sink your teeth into a delightful mix of savoury and sweet bites, appealingly displayed on a 3- tiered display.

  • And let's be real: The nuggets and sauce aren't what you're paying for, or even what you want to pay for in the first place.

  • But once in a while, it should serve us well to think about why and how we place value on things, and look at the things we idolize so recklessly with a bit of perspective.

  • Add a little kick to your meal, whether you want sweet and sour with just a touch of heat from the Sweet Chili Sauce or hot mustard with chili and peppers in the all-new Cajun Sauce.