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Batman 2021 caltex 2021 Winners

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Batman: Diecast Direct, Inc.

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It was my first job right after college and thought it was the end of my career and that I was actually going to spend the rest of my life taking care of my kids.

  • He even scaled up the technology and applied it the whole of Gotham, using it to flush out The Joker.

  • Selain untuk membeli koleksi Batman, e-baucar ini juga boleh digunakan untuk menebus pembelian bahan bakar dan produk pelincir.

  • The collection flew off the shelves in a short time in 2019 due to an overwhelming response.

Koleksi Batmobile untuk direbut di stesen minyak Caltex, RM19.90 setiap satu

The Batman Collection provided an opportunity to expand our offerings alongside our high-quality fuel and services.

  • These e-vouchers can be used to purchase fuel and lubricants too apart from the Batman collection.

  • The Batman Collection comprises of one Batwing, and three iconic Batmobiles featured throughout the various Batman films with sizes and specifications exclusively designed for Caltex.

  • Offering both identity concealment and protection from physical injury, the image of Batman gliding through Gotham in his signature attire is more than enough to strike fear in the hearts of even the most seasoned of criminals.