Putien sunway velocity - Putien @ Sunway Velocity, Cheras

The Little Sages

And this time, we are back to enjoy the awesomely delicious fish bowl which is superbly delicious.

  • PUTIEN continues to serve only the freshest, with our seasonal food festivals that take place in accordance to when the ingredient is at its freshest.

  • Being a big fan of Korean delights, Dubuyo brings you with the Urban Korean food that definitely makes you coming back for more.

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Putien 莆田 Sunway Velocity 🇲🇾

Shredded tender pork in savory sauce pairs with golden sesame buns.

  • Simple Life starts up with a humble beginning in 1992 as a shop selling organic products in Malacca.

  • PUTIEN started out as a humble coffee shop in Singapore in year 2000.

  • Again, such a wonderful and amazing combination! Ambience was good and quiet, with the color scheme of the whole place being relaxing and welcoming.

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