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Is Bucky Barnes bisexual? The Falcon and The Winter Soldier theories explained

Barnes bucky Where to,

Barnes bucky Where to,

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Bucky’s Doll : To Build a Home

Barnes bucky Artboard 1

Barnes bucky James Barnes

Barnes bucky James Buchanan

The best Winter Soldier / Bucky Barnes comics of all time

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Barnes bucky Bucky Barnes

Barnes bucky Bucky Barnes

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It's a very human, relatable thing.

  • Bucky has proven his fighting ability against creditable fighters such as Black Widow, Sin, Crossbones, Batroc the Leaper, Wolverine and more.

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  • This ability enabled him to survive the normally fatal fall from.

Bucky’s Doll : To Build a Home

But a couple of years later, when Thanos intends to invade Earth and harm his friends during Infinity War, Bucky does not refuse the.

  • Sin begins to shoot him and Bucky blocks the bullets with his shield.

  • When Barnes turned around to suggest their group go out dancing, he saw that Rogers had walked away from the group to try and enlist in the army yet again, despite Barnes' many previous objections.

  • Bucky has shown signs of aggression whilst depressed and has also redeveloped a relationship with Black Widow.

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