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Khan ila Sneho (1994)


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Makhdoom Ali Khan

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Khan ila RAN

Makhdoom Ali Khan

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Makhdoom Ali Khan

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Khan ila RAN

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'The Lunchbox' ending explained

All-rounder Priti Kumari has bowled well in the two games she has played, picking up two wickets.

  • The short sequence in which in wide shot, in the vastness of the open-plan office he looks suspiciously at the box, then in close-up unfolds its contents, concisely tells us that his daily routine hangs on this moment, and that through this sudden change in his menu, his life will be transformed.

  • But when she learns that her customer is not the casually neglectful Rajeev, she sends a note in the next lunch, then gets a message back from Saajan.

  • Eliza likes Sameer but Sameer does not.