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Capsicum Capsicum (peppers):

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They can be used in most curries since they lend a unique flavor to the dish.

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  • Do not take capsicum without first talking to your doctor if you are allergic to peppers green, red, orange, yellow, chili, , peppercorns, etc.

  • Free radicals are the unstabilized ions that stabilize by stealing electrons from the neighboring molecules, and doing so causes oxidative damage to them.

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Severe burning, stinging, and eye irritation may occur.

  • The sap of the plant can cause the skin to blister.

  • Exfoliation of the intestinal epithelium and histological changes in the hepatocytes were also demonstrated at this dosage, but not at lower dosages.

  • Some sources suggest Christopher Columbus gave us the name cayenne, naming it after the city of Cayenne in French Guiana.