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How to Install Google Play on Huawei Devices

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Also, Donald Trump's social media app sees a bump in downloads this week while Amazon reports a first-quarter loss.

  • Not so long ago, it would have been inconceivable that you could fit a camera, a health tracker, and a Tetris game all in one device.

  • While Apple has fewer apps available to download, they are generally more selective in what apps pass their controls and have gained a reputation for quality over quantity.

  • If you can't find Google's Play Store on your Android phone, check out Cons Google's hands-off approach to apps: While Google talks up security, it seems less concerned about the quality of apps it lets in its store.

Google Play Store for PC: Download Play Store Apps to Windows

Google also knows how much people rely on user-reviews to decide on purchases, and they take their product reviews seriously.

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  • You can rest easy knowing that your personal details are secure.

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