Gaeul ive - The Name Has Two Meanings To It, According To IVE's Gaeul

Ive gaeul IVE

Ive gaeul IVE

IVE's Gaeul and Leeseo radiate their charisma in the new individual teasers for 'LOVE DIVE'

Ive gaeul IVE's Gaeul

Ive gaeul Gaeul (IVE)

Gaeul (IVE)

Ive gaeul GAEUL x

IVE Members Profile (Updated!)

Ive gaeul Ive (group)

Biodata, Profil, dan Fakta Lengkap Gaeul IVE

Ive gaeul IVE's Gaeul

IVE Gaeul Goes Viral for Her Hair

Ive gaeul IVE Gaeul

Ive gaeul IVE's Gaeul

Ive gaeul IVE’s Gaeul:

IVE Members

Her best friend is Bada Hinapia.

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  • Rookie idol Gaeul is drawing attention for her skillful hair-flipping in her performances.

  • On the other hand, people are worried that their mental health will be if they debut too young.