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Martin Lister's English Spiders: 1678

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Martin Lister and his Remarkable Daughters: The Art of Science in the Seventeenth Century by Anna Marie Roos, Hardcover

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Nel diede alle stampe, con tiratura assai limitata, il testo De Cochleis, nel quale descrive numerose specie di esotiche.

  • By his second wife Susan Thornhurst, Lister had sons Dr.

  • He recognised that, although similar to modern species, they were not identical.

  • In the rare cases when the opening is on your left, the shells are sinistral.

Alphaville’s Martin Lister R.I.P. 1962

Le illustrazioni dei suoi libri furono in parte eseguite dalle due figlie: Susanna e Anna.

  • Includes illustrations by Lister's wife and daughter.

  • Susanna Lister and Anna Lister may have counted among the first women to use microscopes in scientific illustration, and they were certainly among the youngest.

  • A royal physician and fellow of the Royal Society, Martin Lister was an extraordinarily prolific natural historian with an expertise in shells and mollusks.