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What is the ROC? Why Russia Can't Compete At the 2022 Winter Olympics

Urban Dictionary: R.O.C.

In memory , one must assume that the zROC is not only linear, but has a slope of 1.

  • Ultimately, dozens of athletes were barred from competition, numerous medals were stripped from athletes who had competed in previous events, and Russian political leaders were not allowed to attend previous editions of the Olympics.

  • ROC curves can also be used to compare the diagnostic performance of two or more laboratory or diagnostic tests Griner et al.

  • The normal distributions of targets studied objects that the subjects need to recall and lures non studied objects that the subjects attempt to recall is the factor causing the zROC to be linear.

What Does ROC Stand for in the Olympics?

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  • A random guess would give a point along a diagonal line the so-called line of no-discrimination from the bottom left to the top right corners regardless of the positive and negative.

  • XIII test A is superior to test B because at all cut-offs the true positive rate is higher and the false positive rate is lower than for test B.

  • Madeh; El-Diraby Tamer E.