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Car langkawi cable Harga Tiket


Car langkawi cable Harga Tiket

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Car langkawi cable Langkawi Cable

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Harga tiket ialah untuk trip naik dan turun.

  • However, the view from the top station is even better and more breathtaking.

  • You can eaither walk through the jungle or take an elevator SkyGlide.

  • After taking 12 months to build, the suspension bridge finally opened to the public in 2005.


Jadi jangan risau sangat bila anda duduk dalam gondola anda.

  • Also, a previous poster and a guide-book on Langkawi writes that a walking track loops down to the next cable-car landing middle station, red.

  • On top of the mountain there is a small restaurant and a store where you can buy some refreshments.

  • We offer you a magnificent view of Langkawi that you can't get elsewhere.