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The Hobgoblin protected his identity on more than one occasion by putting someone else behind the mask.

  • Stern was unhappy with the revelation that the Hobgoblin's civilian identity was Leeds and wrote the three-issue miniseries Spider-Man: Hobgoblin Lives in 1997, with the that Kingsley was the original Hobgoblin and had brainwashed Leeds as a.

  • Osborn later told Kingsley that he knew there wasn't a journal with this information and used his own finances to buy out Kingsley's empire.

  • The glider can reach the speed of 90 miles per hour and can support 400 pounds of weight.

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Knowing this was valuable information, Hill passed it on to Kingsley.

  • His reflexes, speed, stamina and intelligence were enhanced to superhuman levels but how he compares to other superhumans has been left vague, through he can at least trade with Spider-Man blow of blow for at least a bit before being overwhelmed.

  • The Return of Kingsley After some time, Kingsley decided to come out of retirement.

  • His rather unscrupulous methods brought him many enemies, such as , a woman whose company he ruined with a smear campaign.

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