Hustle 意思 - 瞞天大佈局

意思 hustle Hustle

意思 hustle 流行美语:210 grub;

意思 hustle 瞞天大佈局

意思 hustle Coke 竟不是可樂的意思?!10

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意思 hustle hustle Hustler

意思 hustle Coke 竟不是可樂的意思?!10

意思 hustle hustle+everyday


Context will depend on the situation.

  • Keep on hustling with your sketches suggests that writing sketches is an 'outsider' way to be awesome.

  • The reflection shows the doors on the car never open, much less anyone outside the vehicle.

  • As a verb, hustle can either mean to swindle someone or to hurry them, or to work hard.


I guess at this point I am so hungry I can't be too picky.

  • We also call the act of swindling a hustle, because it happens so fast.

  • Otherwise we won't be able to make it.

  • We need to find some grub quick.