Trap korean drama - Episode 15 Summary: Cheese in the Trap (part one)

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Drama trap korean [Spoiler] 'Cheese

Cheese in the Trap season 2: Release Date, Cast, New Season/Cancelled

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Drama trap korean Cheese in

Drama trap korean [Spoiler] 'Cheese

Drama trap korean Episode 15

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[Spoiler] 'Cheese in the Trap' Happy ending for all but... @ HanCinema

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Drama trap korean [Spoiler] 'Cheese

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Β» Cheese in the Trap Β» Korean Drama

The only complain that I have is the ending.

  • She told herself, "He might need more time", at the same time Yoo Jeong read the email that Hong Seol sent him.

  • Baek In-ha found his inner peace and started seeing Ha Jae-woo.

  • Hong Seol wore the outfit in the first couple of days after semester start.

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Jung always has a justification behind his actions but his way of dealing with problems is sinister.

  • Jung is successful, popular and seemingly normal.

  • Hong Seols fashion contains usually a lot of layering.

  • Kim Go-Eun makes her television debut and gives a memorable performance as Hong Seol, a beautiful and empathetic girl who sees and believes in the goodness in people.