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In his 32-year career, he was also involved in handling the 1964 racial riots, Hock Lee bus riots and a high-profile robbery of 120 gold bars when three men were murdered.

  • Yong Chen, Gang Cheng, Kai Li, Deepak P.

  • Special Issue Dedicated to Prof.

  • Barton, Division of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, California Institute of Technology Education Qualifications Jan.


Special Issue on Metal Alkynyl Chemistry Luminescent properties of carbon-rich starburst gold I acetylide complexes.

  • What your parents failed to do for you in the past, you can do it for yourself now.

  • Kam Wing Chong Prof Mak Su Yin Ms Yip Yick Sie, Nina Mr Kan Chung Fai, Sam Prof Mak Wai Chu, Clarence Prof Yiu Song Lam Prof Koon Mee Yu, Carmen Dr Mui Kwong Chiu Mr Yu Chiu For Prof Kwok Ka Tak, Gabriel Mr Ng Cheuk Yin Prof Yuen Miu Fun, Nancy Visual Arts Ms Au Hoi Lam Mr Lam Man Kong Mr Shen Ping Mr John Batten Mr Lam Tung Pang Mr Siu Wai Hang Mr Chak Chung Ho Ms Lam Wai Kit Mr Siu Wai Kit, Bostoe Ms Chan Ching Yan, Janet Dr Lam Woon Cheong, Steven Ms So Sau Yi Gretchen Prof Chan Fong Yuen Ms Lam Yuk Lin Ms So Wai Yi, Zoie Mr Chan Ka Yee Dr Lau Chak Kwong Mr Suen Shu Kwan, Leon Mr Chan Sai Lok Mr Lau Ching Ping Mr Tai Sheung Shing, Victor Dr Chan Pui, Pedith Mr Lau Hok Shing, Hanison Mr Tang Kwok Hin Prof Chang Ping Hung Mr Lau Ka Shing Dr Tang Ying Chi Ms Clara Cheung Mr Lau Wai Lun Ms Tang Ying Mui Prof Joseph Cheung Ms Law Ka Yan Miss Tao Shu Hui Mr Cheung Wai Sum Prof.

  • Are you still secretly craving for their love and approval? Luminescent sensory material for organic-halogen compounds and methods and apparatus utilizing such.