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New colour v2 y15 Welcome to

New colour v2 y15 Yamaha R15

New colour v2 y15 Yamaha YZF

New colour v2 y15 Yamaha Y15ZR

New colour v2 y15 Yamaha Y15ZR

New colour v2 y15 Vivo Y15

New colour v2 y15 Review Y15ZR

New colour v2 y15 Y15 V2

New colour v2 y15 KingDrag Motorcycle

New colour v2 y15 Yamaha YZF

Review Yamaha Y15ZR Y15 V1 V2 Cover Set Sniper Gp Coral Red Metallic Pink 2K Tanam Stripe Velozi cost RM348

The new seat is also very comfortable with foot pegs being placed much behind than normal.

  • While for Dynamic Grey color get yellow rim.

  • The fuel tank has a capacity of only 4.

  • Aesthetically, the moped features a sporty style with its underbone structure, and it is also well-packed on the feature-front.

Yamaha R15 V2 Price, Specs, Top Speed & Mileage in India

Advertisements On the suspension side, telescopic front fork and mono-shock at the rear take care of suspense duties.

  • Battery Though battery seems like an underrated feature and we look at the battery capacity, fast charging supporting technology, and even the wireless charging capability is also taken into consideration to rate smartphone's battery capability.

  • I think it is one of the best packages both in terms of style and performance and is surely a great investment for anyone looking for a comfortable and utilitarian ride with satisfying performance and great convenience.

  • The back panel has a gradient finish, albeit, the panel is made using polycarbonate or plastic.

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