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22 Types of Nonfiction Writing and Their Features

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  • They use vivid language and complete characterizations, along with extensive research, to bring the stories of both killers and victims to life.

  • Or when was the last time you had to defend your position with a logical argument, verifying each premise to ensure that your reasoning was not only valid but sound? Non-fiction can also be written about fiction, giving information about these other works.

  • Although, the statements and explanation provided may or may not be exact and so it is possible that it provides a true or false narrative of the subject which is talked about.

Difference Between Fiction and Nonfiction (with Comparison Chart)


  • While the author may be sharing his opinions or conjectures in response to those facts, the purpose of non-fiction is to faithfully communicate what is factually true.

  • As against, in a nonfictional work, there is a simple and direct presentation of the information and facts.

  • Fiction includes novels, poetry, short stories, screenplays, plays and television scripts.