The heirs - The Heirs

Heirs the The K

Heirs (TV Series 2013)

Heirs the The Heirs

Heirs the The Heirs:

Heirs the 'The Heirs'

Heirs the 'The Heirs'

Heirs the 'Heirs to

Heirs the The Heirs

Heirs the The Heirs

Heirs the The Heirs

Heirs the 'THE HEIRS'

The Heirs stars after 8 years.

They're going to be step-siblings, which in my book, makes it acceptable to ship them.

  • Back on the beach, Tan looks up and notices Eun-sang on the boardwalk with her suitcase, looking out of place.

  • I'd probably give show a few more episodes when we've got all our characters established and they move back to south korea.

  • Both teenagers sulk in silence while their parents chat pleasantly, occasionally letting out a scoff or sneer.

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And here I actually set aside my reservations towards casting and writer before watching.

  • It also explains the brotherly strife, in having the elder son protecting his interests by keeping his younger brother out of the picture.

  • I don't think it's done on purpose in either direction.

  • I liked the glimpses of take-no-shit backbone she's demonstrated so far and I hope she keeps it up with Kim Tan throughout the show.