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But it is understood that the abolition of the Sulu Sultanate did not abolish the Sultan nor his line of succession, which can be interpreted as the sultan continuing to be sultan in a sultanate that no longer existed.

  • Authoritative Western scientists have traced the land bridges that connected these two places.

  • Kepulauan Spratly juga didakwa di bawah hak Kesultanan Sulu.

  • The star cast includes Ryan Gosling, Chris Evans and Indian actor Dhanush and the movie is being directed by the famous Russo brothers, Anthony and Joseph.

Lahad Datu siege: Does the Sulu Sultan really have a claim on Sabah?

These questions are relevant, material and pertinent and must be answered by President Macapagal and the proponent of the Greater Malayan Confederation, before they can expect any Filipino to rally to its support and before they can expect the proposed member-states of such Confederation to be convinced that it is a better and more effective instrument than the Malaysia plan to combat and overcome the communist menace in their respective territories.

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  • Will there be a common economic program? Sunshine Bertam Shopping Mall 4 756 mmCineplexes Located on Level G.

  • It consists of five 2D halls and one 3D hall.