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Like I said earlier, they dominated the field and that makes them a great Game Fish Species.

  • Eejat's lure always hit the snags and was lucky to retrieve it back safely with the help of Fuad aka.

  • Umpan Yang Disyorkan Sebarau adalah ikan yang sangat seronok dipancing dengan menggunakan umpan tiruan seperti gewang, sesudu dan umpan pancing layang.

  • It's not much but will try to add more pics and info.

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Sebarau yang bersaiz besar monster biasanya bergerak secara solo atau bersama pasangan.

  • I gave Walid a late text message the night before, informing him that Tyco and I decided to go to Labi to test our luck.

  • We have caught them in the main Temenggor-Belum Lake, plus we have experience fishing for Sebarau in the heart Bera River and even in the rapids of upstream Royal Belum State Park.

  • Remembering the suggestions of my other cousin who had been there before, I carried swimming suit — as all my other cousins, all excited about swimming in the falls — and sandals, not bothering about sport shoes as she had said the journey is easy and only takes about 30 minutes walk.