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Perfect Roast Chicken Recipe

Meanwhile, I placed the chicken fat-laden potatoes in the roasting pan back in the oven and hit them with the broiler.

  • It was just as good, if not better than the rotissere style chickens you can buy at the grocery store.

  • I have told all my friends about this recipe.

  • Arrange chicken on a foil-lined baking sheet or roasting pan and place uncovered in the oven until the skin is crisp and the chicken is warmed through.

Whole Roasted Chicken {Super Crispy Skin!}

For my seasoning I used garlic powder instead of onion and lots of salt and pepper both on the outside, and in the cavity.

  • It was the juiciest, most delicious chicken I've ever had! One great thing about roasting a chicken in a skillet is that it makes it super easy to make a quick pan sauce.

  • I followed the recipe except for 2 small variations: I placed the chicken on top of thick cut slices of onion in my baking dish --something I learned to do to keep the chicken off the bottom of the dish but also to keep all the yummy juices and cooked bits as well as to season the juices for the gravy--and I added 3 whole garlic cloves to the cavity, other than that I took what I thought was a chance and followed the intstructions.

  • Truss the legs of the bird It's a little fussy, but trussing a chicken has an important effect on the finished product: when the wings and legs are tucked in close to the body, the end of the drumstick covers part of the breast, making sure it stays moist and helping the chicken cook evenly.