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We do find that the return trip home, in August 1731, had among its passengers Charles Wesley, the Methodist hymn composer among other famed talents.

  • The world, according to Anaximenes, was not composed of either water or apeiron, but air itself was the fundamental element of the universe.

  • Take in the history, scenery and flavours of Greece on this epic adventure of old and new.

  • Great for a man's or woman's ring - other possibilities exist too! It is essentially transparent, a great star that is sharp and well centered, and the color is not often seen with a star.

All That Glitters: Gemstone Photographs

Unfortunately, most of Anaximander's written history of the universe was lost, and only a few fragments survive today.

  • Malfermita: Junio — Aŭgusto ĉiutage 11.

  • Jim Woomer - do you know anything of this area? I was mainly after what village etc.

  • Kaleci ilk olarak topu eliyle havalandırır ve ayaklarıyla uzaklaştırır.