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Puchong poppy cafe POPPY CAFE

Puchong poppy cafe #BUROEats: 7

Puchong poppy cafe 21 Most

Puchong poppy cafe Poppy Cafe

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Puchong poppy cafe Eight Ounce

Puchong poppy cafe POPPY CAFE

Puchong poppy cafe Best Croffle

Puchong poppy cafe #BUROEats: 7

Puchong poppy cafe POPPY CAFE

Poppy Kat Cafe

Puchong poppy cafe 21 Most


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Its picturesque mini outdoor garden is especially beautiful during dusk or simply enjoy it through the huge floor-to-ceiling windows.

  • Three Years Old provides a peaceful and refreshing escape with its beautifully designed space where every corner is as picture-worthy as the next one.

  • Its second floor is fully decorated in pastel pink and white flowers against pink plush sofas and flower-filled glass tables.

  • Operating hours: WEEKDAY 11AM — 10PM WEEKEND 10AM — 10PM Closed on Mondays Status: Pork-Free, but serves alcohol Link s : 4.

Asia One Cafe, Puchong

Yew Yew is small but it still gives off a cozy ambience where you can enjoy some me-time here.

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  • Sandwich enthusiasts may prefer to sample Chicken Ham Banh Mi RM13.

  • Keeping the rustic charm of the old building with it contrasted by crystal clear pool and sprouting greeneries — it makes as a beautiful backdrop for brunch and your IG feed.

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