Vtl land - Land VTL: More going to Malaysia than coming to Singapore, says Johor official

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Land vtl 📣SG <

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Malaysia Airlines and Singapore Airlines do codeshare their VTL flights.

  • The Singapore-Malaysia VTL Land has started on 29 November 2021, the same day as the Singapore-Malaysia VTL Air.

  • However, if certificate is still not showing after 2 days kindly submit it.

  • However, they must be accompanied by a fully-vaccinated adult VTL traveller.


For the list of available travel insurance products offered in Singapore, click.

  • The Singapore-Malaysia VTL Land would start with 32 bus trips each side with 2 operators — Handal Indah and Transtar Travel.

  • Short-term pass holders and foreign visitors would not be able to utiilise the land VTL.

  • Travellers are required to purchase their bus tickets at least three days before the date of departure.

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