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SunCook Solar Oven: European quality and design.

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What is the secret of Sun Oven International being the standout choice among brands for 126 countries? This product can boil water and other liquids for about 550 to 288 degree Celsius.

  • Food capacity is still pretty low, but these solar ovens typically cook hotter and are more reliable.

  • This is an exciting, emerging field that will enable you to combine a passion for the environment with mechanical and electrical skills.

  • Go to this site if looking for affordable and quality solar ovens.

25 DIY Solar Oven Plans on Eco

Putting solid food in a glass dish and liquids in a heavy plastic zip lock bag works well.

  • What we like: Food thermometer, trivet and silicone pot included.

  • It is the essential source of information and ideas that make sense of a world in constant transformation.

  • When considering purchasing one, make sure that your yard has a sunny spot to place your oven.