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Khairy: Low vaccination rate in Selangor not due to lack of supply

Vaccine rate selangor Khairy: Low

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Vaccine rate selangor Khairy: Low

Vaccine rate selangor Why Is

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Vaccine rate selangor LETTER

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Why Is Selangor's Vaccination Rate So Embarrassingly Low? (UPDATED)

DAP Malaysia

However, a category of SMEs with less than 200 employees will also be be included in the programme simultaneously.

  • Fisheries, plantation, agriculture, livestock and related u.

  • Other states, including KL, may need to increase testing alongside strict containment and vaccination.

  • Furthermore, three out of eight studies observed the protection rate increasing towards the end of the observation period.


Selangor and Kuala Lumpur are the two states involved in the surge capacity operation to curb the spread of the infection in the Klang Valley which was conducted since last month.

  • This strain of coronavirus has not been previously identified in humans.

  • To ease the pain and discomfort, you can apply a clean, wet washcloth over the area where you got the shot.

  • When some vaccine manufacturing countries declare bans or restrictions on vaccine exports, like and the , these will disrupt the scheduled supply to many countries.