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We would all like pre-orders to show up within the expected time frame, but unfortunately the toy industry can have delays.

  • A pre-ordered product is actually offering an item for sale on your eCommerce website that is not in stock at the moment, but that will be in stock at a specified date.

  • They had trouble filling large customer orders.

  • I assume they will ship it on it's release day and you will get it a few days later.

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Pre order with no hyphen is a variant mostly reserved for web use where hyphens can be misconstrued as part of a URL string.

  • Having a customer give you money for your idea before it's 100% ready is some of the best motivation you can get.

  • The last thing you want to think about when building and launching a new project is having to do any more manual work.

  • A preorder that is antisymmetric no longer has cycles; it is a partial order, and corresponds to a.