Sunflower shawl - Galadriel's Mirror/ Shawl Pattern from Sunflower Designs, Earthfaire

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Shawl sunflower Sunflower Shawl

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Shawl sunflower Hot Sale

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Shawl sunflower Sunflower Shawl

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Shawl & Wrap Patterns

Here is the link to grab all the needy details of it Crochet Ocean Breeze Light Summer Wrap: Summer nights or days under the A.

  • Of course I said yes! Rows 3 — 12 of Sunflowers: Repeat both parts of Row 2 of Sunflower, ending with two Sunflowers at the end of Row 12.

  • Pattern: First Sunflower Work 1 : In Brown, Chain 5.

  • Join, and switch to Yellow.

Sunflower Knit Shawl Free Pattern — Stitch & Hustle

But most employ some method of hand knitting or weaving on a loom.

  • Crochet Rosary Prayer Shawl: This one shawl is just super classy in its design and shape and would looks so lovely even for the formal get ups with those gorgeous diamond patterns and the knotted fringes at the ends.

  • All these shawls are lovable and would get your first priority if you have decided to add an extra layer of cozy warmth to any outfit! Check out these Knitting patterns we found on.

  • Lay flat on blocking surface.