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Panduan Lengkap Membuat Quiz Interaktif Dengan Classpoint dan Powerpoint√

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Classpoint diklaim dapat meningkatkan engagement antara siswa dengan materi pelajaran.

  • ClassPoint is an easy-to-learn-and-handle program that integrates well into Microsoft PowerPoint's design and acts like an enhancer for the well-known office tool.

  • Certified trainer from New World Institute Kuwait.

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Cara install ClassPoint Powerpoint dan Cara Pendaftarkan Akun√


  • There are 5 different question types to choose from to keep students engaged throughout the whole lesson.

  • After you have it downloaded on your Windows device, you can begin the installation by double-clicking the ClassPoint installer file.

  • As long as you need to make your PowerPoint slides more interactive, ClassPoint will surely benefit you.